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Nové kurzy v angličtině na Katedře zoologie v ZS 2020/21

Evolutionary Biology (KZO/102E): This course provides and introduction to evolutionary biology. It describes key evolutionary processes, both micro- (variability, inheritance, selection and drift) and macroevolutionary (evolutionary novelties, speciation and extinction). It describes the relationship between micro- and macroevolution, evolution and ontogeny, and evolution and phylogeny, and emphasizes the importance of phylogenetic approach in biology and ecology using a multitude of case studies. Lecturer: RNDr. Pavel Duda, Ph.D.
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Behavioural Ecology (KZO/106): This course provides an overview of the main research topics in behavioral ecology. Besides the main topics, the recent trends in research of animal behavior will be discussed together with the vision in the future of this discipline. The topics of behavioral ecology studied at the FSci USB will be presented in more detail. Lecturers: RNDr. Petr Veselý, Ph.D.; Mgr. Martina Konečná, Ph.D.; RNDr. Pavel Duda, Ph.D.

Advances in Behavioural Ecology Research (KZO/105): The objective of this course is to present the contemporary research of animal behavior. The aim is to train the student to understand and critically evaluate the results of the research papers in the field of behavioral ecology. The seminar will have a form of journal club. Each student will prepare a presentation of a suggested research paper(s). Each presentation will be followed by the critical discussion. Lecturers: RNDr. Petr Veselý, Ph.D.; Mgr. Martina Konečná, Ph.D.; RNDr. Pavel Duda, Ph.D.

The enrollment closes on June 12.

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