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Ph.D. student seminar

25. 6., lecture room B2


Sara Fernández Garzón: Ants diversity along a latitudinal gradient and their role in top-down control

Karolína Hrubá: Pollination systems and herbivory along elevational gradients.

Gregoire Proudhom: Importance of network structure for network resilience to disturbances

Bartosz Sobocinski: Rapid diversification in Neotropical cichlids


Elise Sivault: Diversity of bats along latitudinal, elevational and sucessionnal gradients and their trophic relationships with insect

Dragomir Damnjanovic: Community ecology and genetics of bird – parasite interactions

František Vejmělka: Non-volant mammal diversity along tropical atitudinal gradients of Papua New Guinea

Lenka Dovičicová: First results of population genetic study and kinship structure of Spalax galili based on microsatellite genotype data

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