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Postdoktorandská pozice na Ostravské univerzitě – populační genetika člověka

We are looking for a postdoc at the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Our team lead by Pavel Flegontov focuses on using computational methods, ancient DNA, and large autosomal datasets for investigating the history of human populations from an interdisciplinary perspective. We currently work mainly on the settlement of the American Arctic (see our preprint: and on Eurasian steppe nomads of the first millennium CE. We also investigate the relationship of language families and ethnic groups around the Bering Strait, ancient populations of Chukotka, Jewish population history, Indian and negrito ancestry across Southeast Asia, and explore admixture models for diverse Papuan populations. We are collaborating closely with leading researchers in the field: David Reich (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA), Johannes Krause and Stephan Schiffels (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany).

The postdoc will receive a net salary of 1200 EUR per month for 3 years. The cost of living is low in Czechia, and average net salary is below 1000 EUR. Depending on success of further grant applications, the salary may be increased in the 2nd and 3rd years.

The applicant should have experience in genetics and/or bioinformatics and at least one publication. To apply, please send an email with a CV attached to pflegontov[at] until January 31, 2018. The selection process will consist of an interview and possibly a test assignment. Funding for the position is available since February 1, 2018, but the postdoc may start working a bit later.

Please see a full list of our publications at the following link:

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