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Center for tropical ecology

Our team at the Center for tropical ecology studies all aspects of tropical biodiversity, particularly its evolutionary origins and ecological mechanisms shaping present day ecosystems. Our studies combine extensive field inventories of species and their interactions in tropical ecosystems, particularly rainforests, with manipulative experiments and molecular analysis. We focus particularly on the ecology of plant-insect food webs, tropical forest dynamics, and large-scale distribution of tropical biodiversity. Most of our studies are based in Papua New Guinea, at the New Guinea Binatang Research Center.

Head: prof. RNDr. Vojtěch Novotný, CSc.
tel.: +420 387 775 362

MSc. Joel James Brown
MSc. Chris Nazipa Dahl
MSc. Dan Leština
MSc. Martin Libra
MSc. Vincent Maicher
MSc. Jimmy Moses
MSc. Ondřej Mottl
MSc. Nichola Sarah Plowman
MSc. Conor Mark Redmond
MSc. Carlo Lutz Seifert
MSc. Daniel Vilarós Souto
MSc. Piotr Szefer
Dr. Matthias Weiss

Laboratory of Tropical Ecology
New Guinea Binatang Research Center
The adventure of tropical ecology (Biologické centrum AV ČR, v. v. i.)
Defender of New Guinea’s hidden life (Cosmos Magazine)

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