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Evolution and phylogeny of animals

We study theoretical aspects of phylogenetic approach to evolution, diversity, geographic distribution and ecology of animals (especially arthropods and vertebrates). At the same time, we use phylogenetic methods, including molecular ones, to reconstruct the relationships of the various animal groups.

Head: prof. RNDr. Jan Zrzavý, CSc.
+420 387 772 239

Selected publications:
Zrzavý, J., Říha, P., Piálek, L., & Janouškovec, J. (2009). Phylogeny of Annelida (Lophotrochozoa): total-evidence analysis of morphology and six genesBMC Evolutionary Biology9(1), 189.

Fric, Z., Wahlberg, N., Pech, P., & Zrzavý, J. A. N. (2007). Phylogeny and classification of the Phengaris–Maculinea clade (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae): total evidence and phylogenetic species conceptsSystematic Entomology32(3), 558-567.

Zrzavý, J., Mihulka, S., Kepka, P., Bezděk, A., & Tietz, D. (1998). Phylogeny of the Metazoa based on morphological and 18S ribosomal DNA evidenceCladistics14(3), 249-285.

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