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Evolution and phylogeny of mammals

We study phylogenetic relationships in some mammalian groups (e.g. arvicoline rodents, equids, carnivores, deer) based on combined evidence (morphology, life-history parameters, ecology, genetic evidence) and evolution of particular characters. We also document morphological parameters of some rare mammals (wild equids, rhinoceroses, Bale monkey, clouded rats) or some particular characters across mammals (eyelid glands, penial and bacular morphology), partly also captivity-induced changes in wild mammals kept in zoos (equids, carnivores). Important part of our activities is focused on genetic assessment of zoo-populations (e.g. aardvark, pygmy slow loris, sika deer, hog deer). Currently we try to assess the role of the Mongolian region in species divergence and diversity of mammals. Data for our research topics are collected in zoos, museum collections and genetic lab.

Head: RNDr. Jan Robovský, Ph.D.
tel.: +420 387 772 254

MSc. Tereza Volfová
MSc. Sylvie Horáková
MSc. Nela Nováková
MSc. Ludmila Pernerová

Collaborating institutions:
Czech and Slovak (and other European) zoological gardens; Masaryk University Brno; Czech University of Life Science Prague; Australian National University Canberra; Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz; Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology – University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna; ZGAP.

Selected posters:
Defining Management Units for European Captive Aardvarks (Pohlová et al. 2014)
Knee clicks in white-lipped deer (Cervus albirostris) as possible indicator of age and social status (Voldřichová et al. 2011)

Nový druh nosorožce (Lidové Noviny)
Šestý nosorožec (Český rozhlas)
Jeleni evropští v ohrožení (Český rozhlas)
Jan Robovský: Poznávat a chránit? (přednáška z cyklu Biologické čtvrtky)

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