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Studentská konference v letním semestru 2020/21 (online)

3 a 4. ročník (úterý, 1.6.2021, Microsoft Teams, skupina Studentské semináře KZO, přístupový kód zm5beag)

Ambrožová Lucie Coppicing and topsoil removal promote diversity of dung-inhabiting beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Geotrupidae, Staphylinidae) in forests 9.30-9.50
Fernandez Garzon Sara Ant species of steppe habitats of Podyjí National Park and their impact on trophic cascades 9.50-10.10
Hrubá Karolína The rate of meadow invertebrate herbivory is dependent on plant functional traits and seasonality 10.10-10.30
krátká přestávka 10.30-10.40
Perlík Michal Canopy openness as the main driver of aculeate Hymenoptera and saproxylic beetle diversity following natural disturbances and salvage logging 10.40-11.00
Leština Dan Ant-macaranga mutualism in wider context: habitat quality and biodiversity correlates 11.00-11.20
Thierry Melanie Warming alters multiple parasitoid effects on host suppression 11.20-11.40
Damnjanovic Dragomir Immunogenetic diversity and parasitization in European bluethroats (Luscinia svecica): role of inbreeding in genetic depletion 13.00-13.20
Dovičicová Lenka Kinship structure and parentage analysis in solitary subterranean rodent, Spalax galili 13.20-13.40
Nováková Nela Harem or territory? 13.40-14.00
Vavrušková Zuzana Activity patern changes during simulated dispersal of social mole-rat 14.00-14.20
Vejmělka František On hidden diversity of non-volant New Guinean mammals recognised by means of molecular barcoding 14.20-14.40


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