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Ph.D. student seminar

13. 6. 2018, 15:00, Lecture room B3 (Veselovského posluchárna)

Sylvain Delabye: Ecological and biogegraphical drivers responsible for biodiversity of Afrotropical Lepidoptera
Nikolaj Ignatěv: The Phylogeny of the genus Amerila (and other genera) as a tool of understanding of the origin of Afrotropical moth fauna
Meenakshi Irungbam: Study of Phylogeographic patterns of Afro-oriental species of butterflies
Fran Kostanjšek: Ecology and Community Structure of Saproxylic Beetles in Czech Republic
Martin Libra: Community structure of caterpillar parasitoids from tropical rain forest
Jana Marešová: Fylogeografie holarktických druhů motýlů ve vztahu k jejich biotopu

either introductory seminar about aims and methods of thesis (20 minutes +10 minutes discussion) or  about one topic of their advanced thesis (15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)

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