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Spatial and temporal dynamics in the European mole

Population densities at some localities and its highly subterranean way of life, it is an ideal candidate for exploring spatial and seasonal activity patterns in small mammals in Europe. We are looking for a motivated bachelor/master student (preferably a master student) for a field-based project. The student will conduct field work in Stromovka Park close to the city centre, which is an ideal place for such a research since moles occupy a relatively homogeneous habitat in high numbers there. The primary aim of the project is to determine the spatial and temporal dynamics of mole’s territories and to explore whether they prefer any specific geographic direction during burrowing. The student will acquire basic methods of trapping live small mammals, capture-recapture method, obtaining tissue samples etc.


RNDr. Matěj Lövy, Ph.D., Faculty of science, room B257, tel.: 38 777 2257,
Doc. Radim Šumbera, Ph.D., Faculty of science, room B263, tel.: 38 777 2240,

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