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We study the relationships between human and animals in the past based on study of animal bone assemblages from archaeological excavations mainly implemented in the territory of the Czech Republic. On the basis archaeozoological analyses it is possible to observe processes of animal domestication in prehistory, vertebrate species distribution and indirectly the development of archaic system of agriculture and subsistence strategies. Most often we determine the osteological findings (bone, teeth and their fragments) from the mesolithic period to the beginning of modern times. For study purposes we use the comparative skeleton collection which is continously extended. Since 2016 we have created the dabase of localities of the Czech Republic with aim to unify and arrange the published results of archaeozoological analyses (ELIXIR CZ research infrastructure project; MEYS Grant No: LM2015047).

Head: Ing. Lenka Kovačíková, PhD.
tel.: +420 389 036 309

Collaborating istitutions:
Laboratoř archeobotaniky a paleoekologie (LAPE)
Archeologický ústav FF JU
Archeologický ústav AV ČR, Praha, v.v.i.

Selected posters:
Archaeozoological finds from the Neolithic rondel ditch (Kovačiková & Řídký 2013)
Vegetation history, plant, animal economy of early medieval South Bohemian settlement Na Jánu in Netolice (Trávníková et al. 2015)

International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ)

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