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Studentská konference v zimním semestru 2021/22

Pátek 14.1.2021, posluchárna C1 (Microsoft Teams, skupina „Studentské semináře KZO“, přístupový kód zm5beag)

time speaker title
9:00 host Jose Innocent Tache Tamdjo Perception of possible risk to contaminate river and fishes by using pesticides in Cameroonian local farmers (Santchou, West Region)
9:20 host Solange Mekuate Kamga Impacts of forest elephants on the vegetation structure and its influence on the bird community of montane forests
9:40 Sentiko Ibalim Community phylogenetic patterns of Geometridae moths (Lepidoptera) along altitudinal gradients.
10:00 Andrea Kraus Masticatory muscles and bite force in African mole-rats
10:20 Gabriel Saffa Inferring causes of normative monogamy using cross-cultural data.
short break
11:00 Grgac Robert tbd
11:20 Pospíšilová Tereza Tick proteins and their effect on the host and mediated pathogen transmission.
13:00 Kollros Jan The effect of predator exclussion and vertical stratification  on arthropod herbivores.
13:20 Zahra Shafia Specialization and modularity of Global Ant-Plant interaction
13:40 Tahadlová Markéta Which natural enemy is important in a temperate forest understory? A tree life strategy is the key!
14:00 John Václav
short break
14:40 online Laird-Hopkins Benita Carmen tbd
15:00 online Xiao Xue The link between drought and herbivore performance.
15:20 Toko Pagi Conservation challenges in indigenous communities in Papua New Guinea


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